EventGuided tour

A toast with Cosimo I de ‘Medici

VISIT TO THE MUSEUM with wine tasting at MUSEO DE ‘MEDICI, Palazzo di Sforza Almeni – Via de Servi, 12 Florence

A toast with Cosimo I de ‘Medici


The Medici Museum is the first and only museum entirely dedicated to the Medici dynasty.

On this guided tour, accompanied by the expert guide of Florence Alchemica Rachel Valle, we will immerse ourselves in the history of this important dynasty that made Florence as great as it is today.

Walking through the rooms of the Museum, we will learn more about the vast influence that the Medici had in the Tuscan territory: influence that we can still find today.

There will also be ideas from an alchemical point of view. In fact, many personalities of the de ‘Medici family were great connoisseurs and scholars of hermeticism, a theme that was brought to light by in-depth studies carried out by our research team at Firenze Alchemica.

The visit will be conducted by Rachel Valle, accredited guide of Firenze Alchemica.

7:30 pm Tasting

At the end of the conference there will be a tasting of the wines of Cosimo III’s announcement

Cost of guided tour plus tasting: €20, reservations only

Where: Museo de ‘Medici – via de Servi 12 – Salone delle Arti

For information and reservations: museodemedici@gmail.com +39 347 7068443 Florence