Guided tour

A tour outside the Cathedral and Giotto’s Bell Tower

Visita all'esterno della Cattedrale e Campanile di Giotto

We will get to know the Florentine Cathedral and Giotto’s Bell Tower up close in their ancient symbolisms and their allegories.

A tour outside the Cathedral and Giotto’s Bell Tower

The Florentine Cathedral, an expression of Gothic architecture, hides in its decorative reliefs those ancient symbolisms that the skill of the builders has engraved in the stone, under veiled allegories. As a pendant, Giotto’s bell tower is a real sapiential path marked by the symbolic panels that, starting from the images of the planetary gods, unfold in sequence, allegorically joining the earth to the sky.

The tour is inspired from Paola Maresca’s book: The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. A treasure chest of Wisdom – published by A. Pontecorboli

Please note that masks are mandatory!

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