Guided tour

The park of the Medici Villa of Pratolino

Sunday 20 june at 10am – Alchemical tour of the park of the Medici Villa of Pratolino

The park of the Medici Villa of Pratolino

The Pratolino Park, which for centuries has been considered the architectural model of all the greatest gardens in Europe, still manages to amaze us with its charm. History, symbols and allegories will be accompanied to images, sounds and scents of the garden, in a place where nature really knows how to perpetuate its magical language.

Together with one of our guides, you can rediscover the secret alchemical path designed by Francesco I de ‘Medici and built by his faithful architect Bernardo Buontalenti.

The alchemical path is inspired from the Costanza Riva’s book: Pratolino, the alchemical dream of Francesco I de ‘Medici, symbols, myths and allegories.

Please note that masks are mandatory!

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