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Massonic tour in the Stibbert garden

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The symbolisms of the Stibbert garden

Massonic tour in the Stibbert garden

North of the city of Florence, on the hill of Montughi is the Stibbert park, which takes its name from its creator and owner Federico Stibbert.

The park that stretches out at the foot of the famous Museum arouses curiosity for its neo-Egyptian style temple that is reflected in the waters of the pond.

Federico, a passionate collector and initiate at the Masonic Lodge Concordia, restructured the park hiding an initiatory sapiential itinerary.

The visit will unfold in the park, rediscovering the stages of this itinerary, marked by buildings or significant sculptural groups according to the ex tenebriis lux formula. During the tour, the symbolic meanings which allegorically link to the significant moments of Masonic initiation will be revealed.

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