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Sacred and Hermetic Florence

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A journey to discover the iconography of the sacred

Sacred and Hermetic Florence

Rachel Valle, a Qualified and Enabled Tourist Guide, and an Official Guide of the Firenze Alchemica Association, will lead you to a very peculiar cultural walk called “SACRED AND HERMETIC FLORENCE”, a path to discover the iconography of the sacred, which is linked to the path of salvation and the spirit through the symbol and the harmony of Sophia …

Starting from the historical-artistic analysis of the Facade of the Church of Santa Maria Novella, we will talk about the importance of the Sacred Geometry utilized by Leon Battista Alberti, a technique inherited from wise artists who were able to translate the hermetic doctrine into an iconography universally recognized by every cultural and spiritual tradition.

The facade of the Church of San Salvatore al Vescovo is a fundamental witness to the expressed symbolism found in the decorations of the nearby Baptistery of San Giovanni.

Please note that masks are mandatory!

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