Theoretical course of Alchemical Herbalism

March 14 to April 4 every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

The course is held at the headquarters of Firenze Alchemica, Metastasio 3rosso street, Florence. info and reservations :

Theoretical course of Alchemical Herbalism

Our physical health depends on nutrition and the concept of self-care; in these four meetings, an ‘opportunity is offered to learn more about the concepts of alchemical herbalism, Paracelsus’ spagyria, Quintessence spagyrica, but above all the principles of Alchemy

Course Program

Lesson 1 – The Principles of Alchemical Science

Lesson 2 – From Alchemy to Paracelsus’ Spagyria

Lesson 3 – The quintessential spagyric, renaissance medicine

Lesson 4 – Planetary Herbalism

For information and apply: