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San Miniato al Monte, celestial music and cosmic harmony

Saturday 17 december – A deep bond unites music and numbers, geometry and architecture

San Miniato al Monte, celestial music and cosmic harmony

A deep bond unites music, numbers, colors, geometry and architecture. In medieval times, geometry and music were rediscovered as disciplines capable of creating a secret connection with the higher worlds.

The Masters of Opera of San Miniato al Monte knew this subtle relationship very well, so much so that they built a “heavenly temple” in which golden proportion, music and colors could come together in a single great “chord”. Even religious images were able to convey valuable information that amplified this deep and sometimes unconscious feeling.

With accurate observation, with our senses and by listening to ancient pieces of music, we will try together to grasp these bonds and interactions to get in tune with the harmony of the place.

Music is therefore the accompanying theme of this journey: during the visit, music pieces selected for their particular meaning and relevance to the topic of this alchemical itinerary will be played.

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