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The Mystery of Woman in Ancient Egypt 

Saturday 14 October at 10am – A visit inside the Archaeological Museum particularly concentrated in the Egyptian section where woman will be the protagonist of this new itinerary

The Church of Santa Trinita, a true jewel of Medici Florence

Saturday 28 october at 10am – Emblem of a refined and exclusive Florentine spirit capable of combining different architectural styles

Convent of San Marco – Alchemy of color in the painting of Beato Angelico

Saturday 7 october at 10am – For the greatest artists of the past, sun gold has always been the basic color on which to base their painting

Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano – Still Life Museum

Saturday Saturday 21 October at 10am – Still lifes and their hermetic language

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Palazzo Davanzati – Secret alchemy and courtly love

It was the Davizzi, a wealthy Florentine family, who initiated the construction of a stately palace in full medieval style as the elegant Palazzo Davanzati.

San Miniato al Monte, celestial music and cosmic harmony

A deep bond unites music and numbers, geometry and architecture

Parco Mediceo di Pratolino – Sensory walk through the green harmonies of the park

Hermetic philosophers claim that Nature is a book that teaches us to see beyond appearances

Guided tour for children – Davanzati Palace – Ladies and Knights in search of the secret garden

A rampant lion, the ancient emblem of the Davanzati family, invites us to enter…

Scuderie di Pratolino – The Theatre at the Medici Court

We will discover the extraordinary sets of the shows conceived and staged by Brunelleschi, Vasari and Buontalenti, with music from the period.

Officina di Santa Maria Novella. History, spices and alchemy

The Officina di Santa Maria Novella has ancient origins closely linked to a small group of Dominican monks

The Bardini Garden and the discovery of an alchemical path

Sunday may 14 at 10 am – In the Florentine Oltrarno, there is a garden brought to life by statues and flowers, which clings to the Montecuccoli hill

The Orthodox Church of the Nativity – historical and sapiential monument

The Church of the Nativity, begun in 1899, is one of the highest manifestations of the Orthodox presence in Florence

Pratolino, the alchemical dream of Francesco I de’ Medici

Alchemical tour of the park of the Medici Villa of Pratolino

Gerolamo Savonarola a light in the darkness

Complex and controversial figure that of Savonarola, a man who had the courage to address burning issues in the political and moral life of the time

The Church of Santi Apostoli and the sacredness of the Burst of the Chariot

The Church of Santi apostoli is often considered one of Florence’s most intimate and fascinating secrets

The Villa Medici in Poggio a Caiano and its wonders

Designed by Giuliano da Sangallo for Lorenzo il Magnifico, it preserves testimonies that refer to the Neoplatonic and hermetic environment of the court of “il Magnifico”

San Miniato al Monte and its alchemical path

The alchemical symbolism of this ancient basilica.

Florence and the Templar Knights

An itinerary that will let us discover the lesser known aspects of the presence of the Templars in Florence

Theater and show at the Medici court – Stables of the Pratolino Park

The splendor and magnificence of the Medici family finds a worthy and refined expression in the valuable wooden models of churches, palaces and gardens, now kept in the Medicean Park […]

Egyptian Art and its wonders – Guided tour for children of the Archaeological Museum of Florence

Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Florence we can suddenly find ourselves in ancient Egypt!

Palazzo Medici and the Chapel of the Magi: hermeticism and secret symbologies

Inside Palazzo Medici, an elegant architectural creation by Michelozzo, there is a special area full of sapiential references.

The Charterhouse of Florence and Alchemy

On Monte Acuto, not far from Florence, in a gentle landscape between cypresses and olive trees, stands the Certosa, the silent keeper of ancient symbolisms.

At Medici’s court, alchemic facades of Florentine palaces

Outdoor tour

Palazzo Pitti, the Medici family’s treasure and the “magic” of stones

An Alchemical, historical and sapiential path that is fascinating due to its surprising originality, waiting to be revealed

Boboli, the alchemical garden

The Boboli Gardens were conceived by Cosimo I and Cosimo II de ‘Medici as the intimate, secret place

Russian icons at the Pitti Palace – symbols and alchemy

Man has always sought contact with Heaven, in Byzantine and Russian iconographic art the painter manages to build a secret ‘mirror’ in which the Divine can manifest itself

The Catari in Florence, Mysticism and Inquisition

In the Florence of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Catari or “Buonomini”, as they called themselves, represented an important part of the city

Palazzo di Bianca Cappello: Alchemical reading of the facade

Sunday 16 october at 10am

Magical and secret Piazza Santa Croce

Lorenzo the Magnificent’s idea was to set up a “magical” place in Piazza Santa Croce that would recreate the face of an “ideal city”, so happily conceived by the artists […]

Pontormo inside Certosa in Florence. Art, symbols and secrets

In 1523, the doors of the Certosa Monastery were opened to welcome Jacopo Pontorno and his beautiful frescoes

The Church of Orsanmichele, Temple of Wonders

The Church of Orsanmichele clearly stands out for its uniqueness

Orsanmichele church and its alchemical Tabernacles

Outdoor tour – Secret history of Orsanmichele church

Princes and princesses in the Medici Park of Pratolino

GUIDED TOUR FOR CHILDREN (6-11 years), Pratolino Park

The Boboli Gardens: a garden for true heroes!

GUIDED TOUR FOR CHILDREN (6-11 years) of the Boboli Gardens

Alchemical tour to the Pratolino Park – At the table with Francesco I de ‘Medici and Bianca Cappello

Alchemical tour to the Pratolino Park with Renaissance lunch

Magical and alchemical Venice


The secret alchemy of Boboli’s Grotta Grande

GUIDED TOUR – The visit will be conducted exceptionally by Costanza Riva of Firenze Alchemica’s research team.

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