At Medici’s court, alchemic facades of Florentine palaces

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At Medici’s court, alchemic facades of Florentine palaces

The Medici family always knew how to reward those who played an important role of trust and secrecy within their court.

In the center of Florence we can see historic buildings whose construction was closely linked to the Medici, as well as to that Neoplatonic cultural world that from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century made Florence a true jewel of true beauty and art.

The term “facade” meant the main part of a building on which the artists, with great artistic prowess and refinement, sculpted their hermetic knowledge.

Even today, despite the neglect of time and humanity, we are still able to read the same ancient language on those prospectuses: a silent text full of secret meanings that continues to surprise us for its originality and craftsmanship.

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