Orsanmichele church and its alchemical Tabernacles

Outdoor tour – Secret history of Orsanmichele church

Orsanmichele church and its alchemical Tabernacles

The Church of San Michele in Orto or Orsanmichele: a place with a secret history, linked to the effigies of San Michele Arcangelo and a “Madonna of the wheat” to which the Florentine people were particularly devoted during the years of the plague in Florence.

The Orsanmichele, first Loggiato and then Church, between the 12th and 13th centuries was linked to the Florentine Arts and to an industrious city world in which religious devotion was mixed with the political and economic flow of the city. The fourteen royal statues that protrude from their symbolic Tabernacles capture our attention: in those serious and solemn faces, we can still read an intimate message yet to be revealed.

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