Botanical watercolor workshop – the magic of citrus

firenze alchemica corsi


Curated by Simonetta Occhipinti

From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 January 2020

From 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm

Citrus fruits have always attracted great interest in all eras for their unusual shapes, bright and warm colors and the magnificent scent of their flowers. From a pictorial point of view, their porous, glossy or patinated peel, often wrinkled, was and still is of great charm and at the same time it was a challenge for painters to work with, botanists and non-botanists.

Botanical watercolor certainly makes for the best result, as it allows the best of both worlds: the color’s brilliance and its solid consistency as well as its forms’ transparency.

During the course we will initially work on the pencil drawing aimed at in-depth observation of the morphological characteristics of the chosen subject and on its best artistic composition, trying to obtain an image as real and three-dimensional as possible.

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