Intensive course of botanical watercolor – The leaves


Curated by Simonetta Occhipinti

From Friday 16 to Sunday 18 October 2020

From 10am until 5:30pm

Botanical watercolor is both an artistic and scientific technique, where plants, or parts of plants, are reproduced in their natural size and with all the details that make them easily identifiable: it is basically a portrait.

The plant must be reproduced “from life”: it will never be a “copy”, but rather a composition linked to the taste of the artist. In fact, between the vital times of the plants and the amount of worked required by the painter there is a great disparity: a flower portrait may take up to a month, while the flower itself might last a single day, so it is necessary to have abundant material available over time.

Creating a botanical table requires a slow and carefully thought-out technique. It should have great charm to which the painter will have to add technical prowess and sensitivity, this will transform a sheet of paper, some water and pigments into a piece of art capable of inducing reflections on beauty to those who observe it, amazed by an always perfect nature.

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