Workshop in evidence

Iconography workshop



From 6 october every wednesday at 3,30pm – Curated by Serena Baldi

In an icon, every color, every character and every detail reproduced contains a secret and profound meaning.

From the choice of wood to its Golden Proportions, from the priming (or table preparation) to the Gilding and the drafting of Natural Pigments, everything leads us back and accompanies us through a fascinating “Alchemical Itinerary”.

The Laboratory provides participants with all the materials necessary to create their own Icon. At the end of the course, each student can take their icon home.

During the course, notions will be given on the symbolism of the colors used and more generally, on the ancient but always current Iconographic Tradition, an exclusive example of Greek-Russian Alchemy.

For information and reservations contact us at these references:

Serena Baldi 338.7228505
Costanza Riva 340.7039834


Look at some pictures of the works made by our students … CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO VIEW THE GALLERY!