Botanical watercolor course – The Irises

Botanical watercolor course – The Irises

Curated by Simonetta Occhipinti

Course on Tuesday, March 8 – May 10 at 10 AM – 12.30 PM

Course on Thursday, March 10 – May 12 at 3 PM – 5.30 PM

In Greek mythology, Iris was the daughter of Taumante, a divinity of the sea, and Electra, an ocean nymph. She had the task of descending to Earth to carry the messages entrusted to her, running quickly on the rainbows…

Iris are a genus of plants of the iridaceae family that includes over 300 species, including the irises. They are herbaceous as well as perennial, rhizomatous and bulbous.

The colors of the flowers are many: purple, blue, white and pink prevail, but you can also find them in yellow, orange and red variants. They can grow anywhere, from the desert to a pond: they like the sun but can also adapt to the shade.

In these courses we will start dealing with spring (bulbous) Iris and then look at those varieties that will start flowering later (rhizomatosis).

The courses are held at the headquarters of the Cultural Association

“Firenze Alchemica” in Via Metastasio 3 / red (Porta Romana area).

The pictorial material is the responsibility of the students, while the subjects to be portrayed and the watercolor paper will be provided by the teacher.

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