Clay modeling course


From 15 april until 17 june – Every monday at 9pm – Curated by Giuseppe Venturini

“Everything that is plastic, figurative, symbolic, evokes certain states of mind, and a consequent vibratory state that is transmitted in the immediate and distant environment.”

Sculpture is a wonderful way to awaken new forces in us and after having amplified them, perfected in the depths of our unconscious, they allows us to transform into other individuals.

When sculpting clay, the sculptor is in a certain way like the Creator of Genesis.

In this way it is possible to regenerate, to strengthen oneself, because the work of identification, of meditation on one’s masterpiece, makes one feel regenerated, especially when the object is inspired by a spiritual, mystical subject. ” (Tommaso Palamidessi)

“The hand, an ancient and wonderful tool, molding a humble material with the warmth of the soul, tries to imitate the One who created everything.

This is the art of “modeling”. (Giuseppe Venturini)

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