Alchemy of colors and mandala art course

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Every wednesday and friday from 5,30pm until 7,30pm Curated by Costanza Riva

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In Hinduism, the Mandala-Yantras are linear diagrams capable of condensing fields of beneficial forces and heavenly virtues. The term “mandala” sums up the meaning of “act of grasping the essence” while the term “yantra” means “tool to favor (an order)”.

According to the Vedic tradition and the studies carried out by Gustav Jung, these geometric figures, as well as favoring attention and concentration, have the power to help find one’s inner well-being: a balance in ourselves and with what surrounds us. If we also combine these qualities with the vibratory and therapeutic power of colors (chromotherapy), we can understand what important role the art of creating and painting your own mandala can play.

The course combines the practical aspect with the theoretical aspect which focuses on the high symbolic meaning of geometric figures and colors.

Making your own Mandala-Yantra means developing attention, concentration and at the same time rediscovering an inner mental order made up of harmonies, colors and shapes.


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